Chair Guidelines

Personal schedule

We created new functionality to provide chairs with their own personal schedule for chairing their session(s).

Please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the portal. It is the same one which you used for registration.
  2. After logging in, you will see your own Personal Schedule.
  3. Click on “View My Sessions” and the link will take you to the programme on the
    website when you see only the sessions that you chair.
  4. After you click on your particular session, there will be the session details including
    e-mail addresses and biographies of speakers in your session. E-mail addresses are accessible solely to you, not to everyone.

Your role as a chair

  • Come to the lecture room before the session starts.
  • Introduce the session.
  • Introduce each speaker before he/she comes to the stage (briefly according to their biographies).
  • Maintain the session schedule. You may kindly interrupt the speaker(s) when her/his allocated time has elapsed. It is very important to keep the session on time; the congress programme is very tight.
  • If your session includes proffered paper presentations, please score the presentations (your score will be taken into account for the selection of the best-proffered paper). Evaluate the session and pass the evaluation form to the volunteer after the session.
  • Moderate the discussion and make a short closing and conclusion.
  • Introduce coffee/lunch break/satellite symposia/workshops and how long they will last. The programme of the day will be ready for you on the table.